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Working patterns that involve working different sets of hours
Records electrical activity in the brain, aka E.E.G.
According to Horne, a term to describe REM and deepest stages of sleep. So called because it is vital
Insomnia that has no obvious cause
Depression during the winter months, aka S.A.D.
Small group of neurons in the hypothalamus: linked to maintaining sleep patterns
Scary dreams
Sleep disorder where people have issues sleeping
Term for animals active at night
Events occuring during sleep that DON'T lead to daytime sleepiness, e.g. nightmares, sleepwalking
An animal's living conditions
Lifelong serious insomnia beginning in childhood: no obvious cause
An environmental factor affecting biorhythms
Rare genetic condition where a person develops severe insomnia and eventually dies because of it
Shifting our body clock forwards, e.g. through shift work or jet lag
What biorhythms do in the absence of zeitgebers
Neurotransmitter important in sleep and arousal and feeding behaviour
Sleep type associated with dreaming
Conditions that lead to loss of sleep and as a result cause daytime tiredness, e.g. Insomnia
EEG reading with no regular pattern, found when awake and when in REM sleep
A biorhythm with a cycle lasting 24 hours
Person awakes scared, disoriented and confused: NOT a type of nightmare
States that sleep is needed to help the body recuperate
DefinitionKey Term
Deep sleep where dreaming doesn't occur, characterised by large, slow EEG waves
Small brain structure controlled by SCN that secretes Melatonin
Shifting our body clock backwards, e.g. through shift work or jet lag
Rate at which animals burn up resources
Insomnia caused by pre-existing conditions
Walking while asleep, obviously.
The phenomenon where people deprived of REM sleep recover missed REM time
Frequent episodes in sleep where breathing stops for a few seconds
EEG reading with regular pattern, found in deep sleep
Feeling of tiredness after long plane journeys
Neurotransmitter vital for emotional states, sleep and depression
A biorhythm with a cycle lasting less than a day
aka RF: network of millions of neurones deep in the brain in charge of sleep and wake regulation
Genetic condition most often typified by the sufferer experiencing cataplexy while awake
A regular pattern of physiological, behavioural or cognitive behaviour
Term for animals active during the day
Hormone vital for many biorhythms, levels of which increase at night and decrease when light
Explanation for functions of sleep, stating it has developed as an advantageous behaviour
A biorhythm with a cycle lasting more than a day
According to Horne, the lighter stages of NREM: non essential
group of neurones in the RF that control NREM and secrete serotonin
In the RF, a set of neurones that control REM sleep and secrete noradrenaline
An internal clock affecting biorhythms

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