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DescriptionKey Term
period of time before Schizophrenia hits, usually defined by low moods, problems in relationships and at work, etc
Method of diagnosing and studying potential patients where neither the patient nor researcher is aware of the aim
Term for a disorder that comes and goes over time
New breed of antipsychotics, replacing Chlorpromazine
Argues that Schizophrenia is an inability to differentiate between new sensory information and previously held memories
Teaching the patient social coping skills whilst still institutionalised
Causes schizophrenic episodes by increasing production of Dopamine
Range of treatments involving the relatives of the patient
Term for how much the family display feelings towards a patient when home: In short, EE
Neurotransmitter that has been linked to Schizophrenia when present in high doses
States that Schizophrenia is an inability to distinguish between the real and the imagined
A collection of symptoms which in turn form the basis of a specific disorder
Classification system of mental disorders devised by the World Health Organisation
fluid filled sacs in the brain: when enlarged are believed to link to Schizophrenia
DescriptionKey Term
Where the patient believes they are receiving treament and improve as a result
Symptom of Schizophrenia wherein the patient experiences rigidity or laxness of limbs and muscles
Breaks in speech or creation of random, nonsense words
Class of Dopamine blocking drugs that work by binding receptors
Model that states Schizophrenia has a biological basis, but develops based on life events
level of genetic similarity of a disorder
According to Crow, schizophrenia that has a genetic basis
Classification system devised by the American Psychiatric Association
Therapy where triggers for schizophrenic episodes are identified, then new coping strategies taught
According to Crow, schizophrenia with a pre and post natal basis
The study of the cause of illnesses/disorders
Psychological therapy where the relative of the patient are taught how to cope with the patient to prevent a relapse
Therapy where patients are taught skills and coping strategies in order to help them cope in the real world

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