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argues there are multiple intelligences
the ability to attribute mental states to others: to see others' point of view
where the conditioned response is produced by similar stimuli to the conditioned stimulus
in classical conditioning, where CS and UCS start and stop at the same time
assumes intelligence exists in levels and sub-sets
in classical conditioning, where the CS precedes the UCS but stops before UCS begins
natural, innate reinforcer, e.g. food, water
the ability to reason and consider ideas
how much a characteristic is determined by genes from parents
statistical technique that looks for correlations between scores for different intelligence types
Found by dividing mental age by actual age and multiplying by 100
Siblings born from different eggs, but conceived at the same time
Siblings born from the same egg
reinforcer that is desireable because it relates to a primary reinforcer, e.g. money
refers to the ability to manipulate and deceive others for personal gain
punishing an undesired behaviour by giving an unwanted stimulus
where a conditioned response gradually disappears when no longer paired with the unconditioned stimulus
DescriptionKey Term
Gardner suggested there are 8 of these that make our intelligence
Sternberg's theory that intelligence includes how you select the best method and process information as well as actual knowledge
in classical conditioning, where the CS precedes and overlaps the UCS
in classical conditioning, where the CS is presented after the UCS
where the conditioned response is only elicited to the specific stimulus
Measure of an animal's brain size comparing it those of its closest rivals
rewarding desired behaviour by removing a negative stimulus
Thurstone proposed that intelligence is made of seven of these
assumes intelligence is a single ability
ways of measuring unquantifiablte ideas such as intelligence
rewarding a desired behaviour by giving a favourable stimulus
According to Gardner, people who are smart in several domains have...
in evolution of intelligence, how the surrounding enviroment may have led to animals evolving. aka EEA
An intelligence fair assessment devised by Feldman to test pre-schoolers
According to Garnder, people who are brilliant in one domain but weaker in others have...
reappearance of conditioned response after extinction
term for a person's general knowledge: that which is undeniable

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