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Proposed by Deutsch and Gerard: says that people conform because of normative or informational social influence
A person pretending to be a participant as part of a study. AKA 'Stooge'
Complying with an order from someone, usually with power or authority
Superficial conformity: going along with the views of others publically to fit in, but privately not adopting them
Term for when a minority group challenges society and their place in it
According to Berkowitz, where vile acts are seen as a result of the situation people are in; not the people themselves
When a person publicly and privately takes on the views of a group they have been exposed to, but often only temporarily
The act of leaving your social group for a more desirable group
An example of social control used by the Chinese Government
Identifying the group norm and doing the opposite as a result
Where a person changes their opinions, views, beliefs, etc to fit in with the larger group
Behaviour that is not influenced by the actions or behaviours of others
When we change our attitudes and behaviour in response to others
Where participants believe the experiment is 'real' and so take it seriously. AKA internal validity
The idea that we conform with a group's norms because we see ourselves as a member of said group
When an answer is clear, with no doubt
Where a laboratory experiment is similar to real-life situations. AKA ecological validity
Latane and Wolfe's idea that a group's influence relies on strength, immediacy and number of people in the group
Where a small group influence the opinions, actions or behaviour of a large group
Tanford and Penrod's model: agreed with Latane and Wolfe, with the addition of a 'ceiling of influence'
DescriptionKey Term
An example of extreme obedience, wherein around 500 villagers were killed by U.S. Soldiers
The sense of control people feel they have over their lives
Where a participant works out the aim and hypothesis of a study, and changes their behaviour as a result
A range of strategies used by groups to improve their social status
Deepest level of conformity: a person takes on the views of a group at a deep and permanent level
Cultures where there is much interdependence between people
An unclear answer, which can lead to compliance to group norms
Mandel's theory that studies by Milgram, etc, gave those who commit war crimes and the like a 'get out clause'
When a minority group enters direct competition with a majority: A form of Social Action
When someone carries out the orders of another person simply as an agent, with little personal responsibility
According to Adorno, someone who has extreme respect for authority
When a minority group redefines themselves to achieve a positive value. e.g. 'Black is Beautiful'
Where group members identify strong similarities between them and group members, and strong differences between them and other groups
The illusion where a single dot of red light in a pitch black room appears to move
When people conform because they want to be accepted/liked
Cultures where personal independence is encouraged
The process of committing people to obey in small stages. aka 'the foot in the door'
An unwritten rule about how to act in society
When people conform because they are unsure of what to do, and so rely on other people
Based on Hogg's work: we conform with groups that we identify with, or would like to identify with

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