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How long information remains in memory
Devised by Geiselman; a method that improves EWT by changing the way witnesses are asked questions
Limited capacity slave system in the Working Memory Model responsible for holding visual and spatial information
Sensory memory store for things we hear
Three consonants that do not form a pronounceable unit, e.g. CFD
Temporary memory store, where information can be kept briefly
Where participants are asked to recall items in any order
a non word that nonetheless appears real, e.g. entrafild. Used in memory tests to test semantic encoding
A phenomenon proposed by Loftus: says that people focus on a weapon, and the resulting anxiety makes it harder for them to focus on the holder
Sensory memory store for things we see
Improving memory by restructuring and grouping items into smaller groups, thus reducing the amount to be remembered. Devised by Miller
Associating a word to be remembered with another word by linking them together, or 'hanging' it on the key word
A method of memory improvement, where items to remember are assigned 'places' on a familiar route
A model that takes the place of Short Term Memory, according to Baddeley and Hitch
How much information can be held in memory
DescriptionKey Term
Prior knowledge and information we have that can often affect EWT
Method to test STM capacity: participants have to repeat back strings of digits in order, which gradually get longer
A very limited capacity store that filters out non-important information: a sort of filter for the Short Term Memory
Permanent memory store, said to be unlimited and everlasting
Phrasing a question in such a way to prompt a particular answer
Where participants are asked to recall items in order of presentation
Where a participant is asked to carry out two tasks at the same time
A model of memory comprised of separate sensory, short and long term memory stores. Devised by Atkinson and Schiffrin
General term for any memory improvement strategy, e.g. Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain
Limited capacity 'task-master' in control of two slave systems in the Working Memory Model
The term for evidence given in court or police investigations
How information is represented in memory
Limited capacity slave system in the Working Memory Model responsible for holding verbal information
AKA false information: given to a witness after the event in such a way that they believe it really happened
Sensory memory store for things we touch/feel

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