Yr13 Biorhythms Studies

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DescriptionStudy Name
Studied sleep in 39 species and found that prey sleep for less time than predators
conducted a longitudinal study in New Zealand, exploring the link between family conflict and later development of insomnia
SCN damage in male hamsters eliminates circannual rhythm of testosterone secretion
Examined effects of SCN damage on circadian rhythms in rats
Spent 179 days in a cave to examine the effect an absence of light would have on biorhythms
Found SCN damage in ground squirrels eliminated normal circadian patterns
Discovered structures controlling REM and NREM are in the ascending reticular formation (RF)
DescriptionStudy Name
conducted a meta-review using 65 studies into sleep patterns to explore lifespan changes in sleep
found that runners slept longer and spent more time in REM sleep after a marathon – supports the restoration theory
part of the restoration theory: noticed that people recovering from severe brain trauma spent more time in REM sleep
stayed awake for 201 hours, experiencing mental disturbances such as hallucinations
Examined 54 different species to study the effect of variables such as brain mass on sleep patterns
Developed the restoration theory: examined whether incentives would help people overcome the effects of sleep deprivation

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