Yr12 Social Influence Studies

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Came up with the idea of a Locus of Control
Studied people's obedience to people in uniforms
Recreated Zimbardo's study for the BBC
Examined social control by having partipants type fast without hitting 'ALT'
Studied Independent Behaviour, involving an HR firm for an oil company
Had participants administer electric shocks to strangers
Used a paradigm with an unambiguous answer to test compliance
Social Identity Explanations of influence
Observed obedience in a Zoo
Researched Internalisation using 12 Angry Men as a basis
Examined Conformity using the Autokinetic Effect
Came up with the Social Influence Model for Minority, including the ceiling of influence
Explored Minority Influence using green/blue slides
Came up with the concept of an Authoritarian Personality
Used Asch's paradigm to study locus of control in participants
Compiled a Meta-Analysis on the importance of place and culture on conformity
Considered the importance of modern technologies in conformity
Studied obedience in a hospital
Studied Identification using a prison setting
Explored whether independent behaviour could be developed, using coloured slides
Showed social influence theory by dividing students into two groups depending on which artist they favoured
Argued research into obedience created an Obedience Alibi
Created the Dual Process Dependency Model
Devised the Social Impact Theory of Minority Influence

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