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MGS QuestionMGS fact
Where does Snake feels safest?
First Cobra Unit boss fight
Creator of MGS
The US president during MGS?
The code name for that president?
Volgin's lover
Big Boss's first code name
First boss fight in MGS
The Cyborg Ninja's sister
Nuclear equipped walking death-mobile
Anti Metal Gear Organization
Eva's codename in MGS4
Hal Emmerich's codename
Movie lover of MGS3
Solid Snake's real first name
MGS QuestionMGS fact
High-Tech Special Forces Unit
Code name of the Cyborg Ninja
Code name of the second Cyborg Ninja
The state founded by Big Boss
Major Zero's favorite fictional character
Genetically engineered virus
Revolver Ocelot's mother
CIA operation in August of 1964
Raiden's son
The La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo?
First Beauty and the Beast Corps boss fight
Liquid Ocelot's base
The terrorist unit in MGS2
I need scissors?
The Big Boss cloning project

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