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involuntary, life-sustaining functions
alertness level
sleep and arousal
relay station
pleasure, hunger, thirst, body temp.
formation of new memories
emotion (fear)
controls bodily sensations
controls body movement
CEO of brain, personality, decision making
mathematical reasoning, sensory interpretation
speech and hearing functions
spoken language
understand spoken language
brain's ability to change / adapt
connects hemispheres
speech, language, logic, writing, controls R body
art, music, spatial reasoning, controls L body
processes sight of people’s faces
processes sight of places
motion detection
janitor cells
selectively destroy part of brain
brain wave activity
brain function / glucose
brain structure
movie of blood flow in brain
enhanced xray of brain structure
brakes for ANS
accelerator for ANS
ANS, body automatically controls it
SNS, voluntary control of our muscles
CNS, brain and spinal cord

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