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Can you name the pharaohs of Egypt according to the name of their Pyramids?

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Ancient Name of PyramidPharaohLocation
The Perfection of [X] is Established
The Rising of the Ba Spirit
The Places of Appearances of [X]
[X] endures
[X] is Divine
Great is [X]
[X] is Provided
The Purified Pyramid
Beautiful is [X]
The Southern Shining Pyramid
Pure are the Places of [X]
[X] is Beautiful
Ancient Name of PyramidPharaohLocation
The Places of [X] Endure
Perfect are the Places of [X]
Pyramid of the Ba of [X]
[X] is Established and Living
[X] is a Sehed-Star
The Shining Pyramid
The Perfection of [X] Appears
[X] Appears
The Places of [X] Endure
Akhet [X]
[X] Beholds the Two Lands

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