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Plot elementGame
The villain becomes a god and destroys the world--halfway through the game (1994)
Your neighbor is manipulating the great evil force(1994)
You and your party are carriers and have actually been spreaing the infection (2008/2009)
It was one giant vegetable-infested dream (1988)
You're really a woman (1986)
You're a clone and the reason the people you've been trying to rescue are dead (1998)
The princess is in another castle 7 times (1985)
You've been manipulated by a 3 word phrase the entire time (2007)
You have 2 (real-time) hours to keep your brain from melting (1994)
Plot elementGame
You created the beings that you're fighting against 50 years ago (1996)
You're really characters in a MMORPG (2003)
You're dracula's reincarnation (2003)
Instead of being the sacrifice, you're the one to sacrifice your twin sister (2003)
Your party is destroyed within 30 seconds of starting (1988)
Saving the world from the beast will negate the existance of one of the protagonists (1993)
God is dead, and the Pope is trying to resurrect the Devil (2000)
The cause behind all your torment is a dog (2001)
The titular character/ally is actually one of the main antagonists (1993)

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