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General LocationBoneHint
ArmsThicker bone of the inferior arm
SkullMiddle of the side of the head
LegsThe main bone of the knee
HandsThe fingers
ArmsThinner bone of the inferior arm
LegsCalf bone; Lateral to and thinner than the Tibia
HandsThe palm
SkullBottom of the back of the head
ShoulderTop of the shoulder
FeetThe heel of your foot
General LocationBoneHint
SpineMost superior on the spine
PelvisThe hip bone
ThoraxMiddle of the chest
PelvisThe most inferior bone in the vertebral column
SkullTop of the head, behind the forehead
Thorax_________ cage
LegsThe most proximal long bone in the leg; the thigh bone
SpineIntermediate on the spine
SpineMost inferior on the spine; Some chairs have _____ support
ShoulderBack of the shoulder; Shoulder blade
Arms'Funny bone'

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