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Can you name the common Jungle Cruise speil lines?

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And on your right you'll see a Sandstone rock formation............I only put that out there cuz most people take it for _______.
Welcome to the world famous Jungle Cruise, world famous for being ______ ______.
Watch your head when you step out. If you don't, watch your, ______. This is a family place.
They have a very impressive wingspan ranging from 12 inches, all the way up to a whopping _______!!
Its a very good deal folks! No matter what way you slice it, dice it, chop it, or cut it, you'll always come out _______.
We call this Schweitzer Falls, named after the elusive Dr. ______ _____.
This river goes on for niles, and niles, and niles, and niles, and niles, and if you don't believe me your dangerously in _________.
OH MY GOODNESS! Its a plane crash! You know what that means, _________
Yea I don't see anyone _________?
Look out! Look out! Look out! *clickclickclick* thats right I got the one in the ____ for you. That clicking sound scares them away.
Theres old Trader Sam, he's the jungles _____ ______.
And heres something you don't see everyday (but I see every ten minutes) thats right its the ______ of water!!
I'll be your lion tamer, snake charmer, and wedding planner. Should you choose not to laugh at my jokes I also become, your ____ ______.
And on your right you'll see the goddess Shir Lee. Yes this is Shir Lee's ______
If you know how to swim raise your hand, everyone else, these people are your ______ ______.
I TOLD them they couldn't outrun a rhino but they didn't believe me; however it looks like he got the point....in the ____.

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