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What are the people infected by the flare called?
Who was put into Teresa's old room?
What is Teresa's last name?
What did the gladers find hanging from the ceiling?
Who was Aris' partner?
What did the boys find on their necks?
Who becomes the new leader?
What did they use to hold their food and water?
What nickname did the gladers give the man who told them about Phase 2 of the trials?
What was the man at the desk doing?
At what time did they have to go through the Flat Trans?
What did the Flat Trans start shooting out?
Who was the last boy to get hit?
What direction were they told to go in?
How long do they have to cross the Scorch?
Who did Thomas meet up with in the Scorch, who told him to leave immediately?
What word did the old man shout over and over?

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