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Leader of the GladeA
Boy sentenced to BanishmentB
Thomas' first friendC
The forest with a graveyard in backD
What Teresa triggeredE
Keeper of the cooksF
Creatures out in the mazeG
Glade's main fortressH
What Minho used as 'bread crumbs'I
One of the two Med-JacksJ
The 'K' in WICKEDK
“You get _____, you get sad. Start givin' up. Plain and simple.”L
What did Alby set on fire?M
Glade's 2nd in commandN
What the leaders (Newt especially) try to establish in the GladeO
Last name of Creator who wrote the e-mailP
Another word for 'nauseous' Thomas felt multiple times Q
Position Minho nominated Thomas forR
Nickname for the jailS
The way Thomas and Teresa communicateT
'It was you and me, Tom. We did this to them. To _____'U
A feeling of dizziness Thomas felt multiple timesV
Item that Frypan was reluctant to give upW
Chuck is the ________ of all the gladersY
Keeper of the Track-hoes (Gardens)Z

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