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When he was a child, he lived with his grandfather but then came to Elm Tree House and became friends with Liam.
This person's mum died and now feels that she has great responsability towards her younger sisters
Originally from Burnywood, a young joker who enjoys pulling pranks and winding people up.
One of the more lighthearted members of staff and is considered to be a father figure to Tracy.
She was violent and was made to share a room with Carmen but soon becomes a happier young girl
His mother's boyfriend was physical and abusive and demanded that eveything was kept clean and tidy. He kept this responsibility when going into care.
Previously, she was a high-tempered girl in foster care turned into a powerfully independent care-worker.
Tracy's girlfriend and Toby's ex social worker
Is the youngest of three sisters at the dumping ground.
Has one older sister and one younger sister and doesn't like things in her hair.
Suffers beatings after being sent to Burneywood and has an attraction to Rick.
Has a cheeky personality and likes doing practical jokes. His best friend is Frank.
He doesn't like to snitch on people, but does so when it is strcitly important and helped Tracy and Gus find the Burnywood firestarter.
Can be scary but is kind and caring when it counts and the kids respect her for it.
Rebelious, teenage girl who loves art
Often (if not always) seen with his stuffed toy whom he believes can talk.
Was a former gang member former member of The Cobras
Has an older brother that is very controlling and over protective.
Eager to keep tidy, keep to a strict schedule and know everything that is going on.
A very polite and kind boy that loves reading comics and playing computer games.
A stuggling turned successful author and an adoptive mother

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