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Parents died in a car crash
Tracy stole some money off her
This person's first day didn't go that well
Would really love to be fostered
She was violent and was made to share a room with Carmen but soon becomes a happier young girl
Has an older brother that is very conrolling and over protectiveLikes having clothes that are neat and tidy
Who else is left?
Doesn't like Tracy's plans
Is very kind and caring but only when she wants to be
This person's mum died and now feels that she has great responsability
Loves the colour pink
Doesn't like stuff in her hair
Has cerebral palsy
Is very sensitive to his surroundings
Was Toby's social worker
Has been arrested on several occasions
Is the youngest of three sisters at the dumping groundIs the youngest at the dumping ground
Has been around for a while
Looks up to Sapphire and then Carmen

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