Gangsters in Cinema

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Can you name the actors who play these outlaws in the movies?

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Pretty Boy Floyd1960
Al Capone1959
Al Capone1967
Al Capone1987
Jesse James1939
Jesse James2007
Frank James1939
Frank James2007
John Dillinger1973
John Dillinger2009
Billy The Kid1930
Billy The Kid1941
Jack ‘Legs’ Diamond1961
George R. ‘Machine Gun’ Kelly1958
Lester ‘Baby Face Nelson’ Gillis1957
Butch Cassidy1969
Bonnie Parker1967
Clyde Barrow1967
Ben ‘Bugsy’ Siegel1991
The Sundance Kid1969
Lucky Luciano 1991
Tony 'Scarface' Montana1983

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