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Secret IdentityX-Man NamePowers
Warren Worthington IIIflight due to feathered wings, hollow bones, blood that heals
Jean Greytelepathy, telekinesis
Lorna Daneelectromagnetic manipulation, manipulation of ferrous metals, flight, electromagnetic blasts
Scott SummersSolar powered optic blasts
Alexander 'Alex' Summersability to absorb cosmic energies and redirect them as energy blasts
Robert 'Bobby' Drakecryokinesis (generation of cold and ice)
Charles Francis Xaviertelepathy
Henry 'Hank' McCoy(originally) enlarged hands and feet accompanied by amazing strength, agility, and stamina, (later) blue fur and claws alongside original powers
Calvin Rankincan mimic the abilities of someone with powers; permenant copy of the original five X-Men
Kevin Sydneyshapeshifting

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