Golden Age Marvel Heroes

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Can you name the Marvel/Timely/Atlas Golden Agers?

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Secret IdentityHeroTeam
Bruce DicksonLiberty Legion, Invaders
Red RavenLiberty Legion
David 'Davy' MitchellKid Commandos
Kenneth HaleAgents of Atlas
Jacqueline Falsworth-CrichtonInvaders
Robert GraysonAgents of Atlas
Jack FrostLiberty Legion
Mark Anthony ToddInvaders
Steven 'Steve' RogersInvaders, All-Winners Squad
William NaslundAll-Winners Squad, Invaders
Elton T. MorrowLiberty Legion
Betsy RossN/A
Larry ScottN/A
Elizabeth BarstowN/A
Jeffrey MaceLiberty Legion, All-Winners Squad
Gwenny Lou SabukiKid Commandos
Secret IdentityHeroTeam
Louise Grant MasonN/A
John WatkinsV-Battalion
Madeline Joyce-FrankInvaders, Liberty Legion, All-Winners Squad
James Buchanan BarnesLiberty Legion, Kid Commandos, Invaders, Young Allies, All-Winners Swad
Aquaria Nautica NeptuniaAgents of Atlas
Robert Frank Sr.Invaders, Liberty Legion, All-Winners Squad
Peter NobleN/A
Thomas HallowayN/A
Mary MitchellN/A
Kevin MarlowN/A
Namor McKenzieInvaders, All-Winners Squad
M-11Agents of Atlas
Brian FalsworthInvaders
Dan LyonsN/A
AphroditeAgents of Atlas
Thomas RaymondYoung Allies, Kid Commandos, Invaders, All-Winners Squad
James 'Jim' HammondInvaders, All-Winners Squad

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