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Mineral composed mainly of sodium chloride (NaCl)
To stop/cease moving
Fundamentally a relatively large space enclosed by a roof and walls
A form of solid precipitation which is made of ice
A cylindrical container with a handle
Unpleasant sensory feeling
Most important one
Postage received
One or more building forming a shopping center
Receive them on your phone
To trip or a season of the year
At maximum capacity
Bottom of a boat
The incredible _______
Buying items in a large quantity
A male deer
You use one in hockey
A type of water fowl
Slam it home in basketball
A genre of music
Useless things that sit around for a long time
The sixth month of the year
Short piece of instrumental melody
A giant pile of sand formed by wind
To eat food
Ten cents
An artist that doesn't talk when acting
It belongs to me
A financial punishment
An alcoholic beverage made from grapes

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