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what are the three types of verbals
what is an appositive
name all the nouns in the sentence 'Breana, Ishika, Elizabeth, and Nia like to dance'
where is the prepositional phrase in this sentence ' Jeremiah walked into the room'
verb tenses 'licked' ( future, past, present)
what type of prepositional phrase is 'Thev turtles are very slow'
what is the action verb 'Joseph interrogated Mariana because he ate the last cookie
playing ( past present future)
what type of voice is this 'The paper was edited last week'
What type of noun is 'Ms. Camps'
what type of verbal is 'Mary likes to cook'
'FANBOY' is an acronym that stands for 6 conjunctions what are the conjunctions (in order)
an article is also called a
match the correct pronoun with the sentence ' Daniel said -------- would meet at mcdonalds at 7:00' (them they)
i will go to the movies (past present future)
what is 'slowly'

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