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What type of noun is 'Ms. Camps'
where is the prepositional phrase in this sentence ' Jeremiah walked into the room'
name all the nouns in the sentence 'Breana, Ishika, Elizabeth, and Nia like to dance'
'FANBOY' is an acronym that stands for 6 conjunctions what are the conjunctions (in order)
what is 'slowly'
what type of voice is this 'The paper was edited last week'
an article is also called a
what is an appositive
match the correct pronoun with the sentence ' Daniel said -------- would meet at mcdonalds at 7:00' (them they)
what are the three types of verbals
what is the action verb 'Joseph interrogated Mariana because he ate the last cookie
i will go to the movies (past present future)
what type of prepositional phrase is 'Thev turtles are very slow'
playing ( past present future)
what type of verbal is 'Mary likes to cook'
verb tenses 'licked' ( future, past, present)

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