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Can you name the words which no longer have a meaning other than in certain idioms?

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Common IdiomFossil WordDefinition of the Idiom
_____ and SpanExtremely clean; spotless.
Without Further ___Without any other formalities; with no further delay.
Waiting With _____ BreathEagerly anticipating something
_______ of HandA deceptive magic trick requiring physical dexterity.
Hoisted by One's Own ______Hurt or destroyed by one's own plan.
_____ of VantageA good position for observation, criticism, etc.
In fine _____In good condition; energetic.
Let _______ be _______To ignore or disregard a past offense.
At Someone's ____ and CallReady to do whatever someone asks
________ MotiveAn alternative reason for doing something.
Flotsam and ______Collection of items of little importance.
To and ___Back and forth; with alternating motion.
Time __________Time that extends beyond memory or record.

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