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Sorting and modification of proteinsAll Eukaryotes
Sequesters cytoplasmic material and organelles for degradationAll Eukaryotes
Metabolism of fatty acids and detoxificationAll Eukaryotes
Provides magnetic orientationMagnetotactic bacteria
Biosynthesis, including fatty acidsPlants
Production of ribosomesMost Eukaryotes
Digest worn-out organelles, food, etc.Most Eukaryotes
Starch storagePlants
Helps spermatozoa fuse with ovumMany Eukaryotes
Converts fats into sugarsPlants, few Fungi
Pigment storageAnimals
Protein storagePlants
Transcription of DNA into RNAAll Eukaryotes
Pigment storagePlants
Synthesis of lipids and steroidsAll Eukaryotes
Muscle contractionAnimals
PhotosynthesisPlants, few Protists
Lipid storagePlants
Translation of RNA into proteinsEukaryotes, Prokaryotes
Storage/transport of materials in the cellAll Eukaryotes
Conducts carbon fixationSome bacteria
Production of energy (ATP)Most Eukaryotes
Forms mitotic spindleAnimals
Produce hydrogen and energy (ATP)Few unicellular Eukaryotes
Translation of proteins secreted out of the cellAll Eukaryotes
Storage, homeostasisAll Eukaryotes

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