Star Wars The Force Unleashed Characters

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Can you name the Key Characters from the Video Game Star Wars The Force Unleashed?

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Main Character, Powerful Sith Apprentice
Pilot of The Rogue Shadow, Main Character's Love Interest
Main Character's Companion and Prototype Holodroid
First Victim of Main Character, Jedi Mentor of Main Character
Togruta in Exile on Felucia
Apprentice of Above, Turns to Dark Side and Corrupts Felucia
Insane Outcast Aleena Jedi, Lives on Raxus Prime
Lying Sith Master of Main Character
Master Of Above, Ultimate Dictator of the Entire Galaxy
Princess of Alderaan, Taken to Kashyyyk as a 'Senatorial Observer'
Highly Ranked Imperial Officer, In Charge of Operation on Kashyyyk
Senator Captured on Felucia
Jedi Father of Main Character

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