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Glorified Soul of AggrevationSt. Anger
Apparition KingKill 'Em All
The Abridged Drinking Tube...And Justice For All
Entangled Below Frozen CrystalsRide The Lightning
Lacking RegretKill 'Em All
My ArmageddonDeath Magnetic
Deteriorate to DarknessRide The Lightning
ViolenceMaster Of Puppets
The Altercation InsideMetallica
PoisonDeath Magnetic
AgitatedSt. Anger
Mother ExclaimedLoad
Expendable ChampionsMaster Of Puppets
The Monarch of NihilityLoad
All Prolonged Phantasm Death Magnetic
Split, Destroyed and MarkedDeath Magnetic
Agriculturalist of Sadness...And Justice For All
The Reminiscence EnduresReload
Find and AnnihilateKill 'Em All
Cruise on the FulminationRide The Lightning
Pariah SaviorMaster Of Puppets
Arrive SleepMetallica
Self Immolation and SalvationDeath Magnetic
Depressed But ValidMetallica
To Survive Is To Pass Away...And Justice For All
Optical Organ ofthe Perceiver...And Justice For All
Strike the IlluminationKill 'Em All
My Companion of AnguishMetallica
Groveling TerminationRide The Lightning
Single...And Justice For All
Devastation CompanyMaster Of Puppets
Hop into the BlazeKill 'Em All
Chief of MarionettesMaster Of Puppets
The Absolute Being Who BlunderedMetallica
Assault Flames With FlamesRide The Lightning

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