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Forced Order
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Rephrased TitleDisney Movie
The Diminutive Fish/Human Hybrid
Amusing and Devoid of Decorum
Dormant Attractiveness
The Felines of a Privileged Background
The Cunning Mammal and the Mongrel
The Sovereign's Recent Mannerism Alteration
Prettiness and the Monster
Tale of Playthings
Temporal Period of Song
The Physically-Impaired Man of Parisian Origin
Tune of Dixie
Ursine Male Sibling
The Unbelievably Magnificents
Blade in the Granite
The Vitality of an Insect
The Unsurpassed Rodent Investigator of Crime
Red-bellied Avian Cloak
Rephrased TitleDisney Movie
Baroness and the Wandering Vagrant
The Saviors in the Southern Hemisphere
The Monarch of Carnivorous Wildcats
Celestial Body of Valuables
A Centenary Quantity of Canines, Plus One
Miniscule Chanticleer
Small Wooden Fixtures and Sweeping Devices
The Melanoid Crucible
Prehistoric Reptile
The Mouse's Holiday Song
The Majesty and the Amphibian
Abode on the Countryside
Greetings, Spanish Friends
Creatures of Superstition Co.
A Daffy Film
The Wilderness Tome
Baby Swine's Grandiose Motion Picture

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