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Heaviest Hoofed Mammal
Largest Whale
Longest Gestation
Fastest Flying Bird
Longest Wing-Span
Largest Fish
Tallest Land Animal
Largest Carnivore on Land
Largest Living Bird
Largest Land Animal
Fastest Mammal in Water
Fastest Fish
Fastest Bird on Land
Fastest Mammel Over Distance
Fastest Mammal
Longest-Lived Land Mammal (after humans)
Deepest-Diving Bird
Deepest-Diving Mammal
Smallest Bird
Largest Seal
Longest Invertebrate
Longest-Lived(also the Largest) Amphibian
Longest-Lived Marine Mammal
Longest Snake
Longest-Lived Chelonian (think turtle)
Biggest Freshwater Fish
Biggest Deer
Only Flying Mammal
Slowest Mammel
Biggest Big Cat

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