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Can you name the Final Fantasy characters from their job?

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Forced Order
JobCharacterFirst appearance
White MageFinal Fantasy IX
MimeFinal Fantasy VI
DragoonFinal Fantasy VII
SamuraiFinal Fantasy X
ChemistFinal Fantasy X
Time MageFinal Fantasy X
Black MageFinal Fantasy IX
NinjaFinal Fantasy VII
PaladinFinal Fantasy IV
ArcherFinal Fantasy IV
Blue MageFinal Fantasy VIII
GeomancerFinal Fantasy VI
MonkFinal Fantasy VII
KnightFinal Fantasy II
JobCharacterFirst appearance
Dark KnightFinal Fantasy IV
SummonerFinal Fantasy X
WarriorFinal Fantasy VII
ThiefFinal Fantasy VI
GamblerFinal Fantasy VII
BerserkerFinal Fantasy VI
Magic KnightFinal Fantasy IX
DancerFinal Fantasy VI
Red MageFinal Fantasy IV
GunnerFinal Fantasy XII
BeastmasterFinal Fantasy VI
BardFinal Fantasy IV
ScholarFinal Fantasy IV

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