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In season 5, Roz gets pregnant. What's the name of the baby's father?
What is the colour of the dress Daphne wears to the Snowball in the episode 'Moon Dance'?
How old is Frasier in season 1?
How many years did Niles spend with Maris before finally deciding to divorce her in season 5?
What brand is Frasier's car?
Why is Frasier dissatisfied with his caricature in 'Three Faces of Frasier'?
What do Niles and Daphne name their first child?
Which one of Frasier's many girlfriends did everyone consider perfect for him?
What is Niles' signature line when he does Frasier's show in season 1?
Which actor plays Ferguson, Frasier's butler in 'Taking Liberties' (season 8)?
What did Blaine Sternin steal from Frasier (and later gave it back)?
In 'Room Full of Heroes', who does Daphne dress up as?
What is the name of a collection of detective stories Frasier and Niles wrote together?
In what episode of season 1 does Bebe Glazer become Frasier's agent?
What is Frederick Crane's middle name?

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