Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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What was the name of Percy's school in The Lightning Thief?
What is Ms. Dodds?
What is Percy's mom name?
Who is Percy's stepfather? (Lightning Thief)
Who is Percy's best friend?
What is he?
Where is Half-Blood Hill?
What is the first monster Percy fights?
What is the name of Percy's pen?
What game do the campers play?
Luke's dad
Who is Percy's dad?
What does he control?
Why will there might be a war?
Where is Olympus?
Who is Mr. D?
Who is Mr. Brunner?
Where do Percy, Annabeth, and Grover go?
Who do they meet in Denver?
Who is Aunty Em?
What is the name of the casino they stay at in Vegas?
In the movie, where do they go instead of St. Louis?
Who do they meet there?
How do they get out of the Underworld?
Who is the Lightning Thief?

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