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Can you name my couples in Power Rangers (MMPR--Dino Super Charge)?

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Color/AffiliationRanger Couples
(MMPR Green/MMPR White/Zeo Red/Turbo Red #1/Dino Black/Mentor & MMPR Pink #1)
(MMPR Red #1/Zeo Gold #2 & MMPR Yellow #1)
(MMPR Black #1 & African American Civilian)
(MMPR Blue & MMPR Pink #2/Zeo Pink/Turbo Pink #1)
(MMPR Red #2/Zeo Blue & MMPR Yellow #2)
(MMPR Black #2/Zeo Green/Turbo Green #1 & Zeo Yellow/Turbo Yellow #1)
(Aquitian Red & Aquitian White)
(Turbo Red #2/Space Blue & Turbo Pink #2/Space Pink)
(Space Red & Turbo Yellow #2/Space Yellow)
(Space Silver & Space Villainess/Galaxy Pink #2)
(Galaxy Red & Galaxy Pink #1)
(Galaxy Blue & Asian Civilian)
(Galaxy Green & Galaxy Yellow)
(Galaxy Magna Defender #2 & Civilian)
(Lightspeed Red & Lightspeed Pink)
(Lightspeed Blue & Civilian/Mermaid Princess)
(Lightspeed Green & Civilian/Tech Expert)
(Lightspeed Titanium & Lightspeed Yellow)
(Time Red #2 & Time Pink/Leader)
(Time Blue & Time Villainess)
(Time Green & Time Yellow)
Color/AffiliationRanger Couples
(Quantum & Wild Yellow)
(Wild Red & Wild White)
(Wild Black & Civilian Florist)
(Lunar Wolf & Animarium Princess/Guardian/Mentor)
(Wind Red & Civilian/Karmainion)
(Wind Yellow & Villainess)
(Thunder Navy & Wind Blue)
(Thunder Crimson & Villainess)
(Samurai Green & Civilian/Storm Chargers Owner)
(Dino Red & Dino Yellow)
(Dino Blue & Civilian/School News Reporter)
(Dino White & Civilian/'Tree Girl')
(SPD Red #1 & Civilian/Charity Worker)
(SPD Blue #1/SPD Red #2 & SPD Pink)
(SPD Green/SPD Blue #2/SPD Red #3 & SPD Yellow)
(SPD Shadow/SPD Mentor & Civilian [Wife])
(Civilian/Assistant/Chief Gadget Tester & Kat/SPD Kat)
(SPD Omega/Sam & SPD Nova)
(Mystic Red & Mystic Blue)
(Mystic Green & Mystic Pink)
(Mystic Yellow & Civilian/Sorceress Apprentice/Gatekeeper)
Color/AffiliationRanger Couples
(Knight Wolf/Wolf Warrior & Mystic White/Mentor)
(Overdrive Red & Overdrive Pink)
(Overdrive Black & Overdrive Yellow)
(Overdrive Blue & Overdrive Villainess)
(Overdrive Mercury & Civilian [Fiancé])
(Jungle Red & Jungle Yellow)
(Jungle Violet Wolf/Mentor & Civilian Geneticist)
(Jungle White Rhino & Civilian/JKP Employee)
(RPM Red & RPM Villainess/)
(RPM Blue & RPM Silver)
(RPM Black & RPM Yellow)
(RPM Green & Civilian/Mentor)
(Samurai Blue & Samurai Pink)
(Samurai Green & Samurai Yellow)
(Samurai Gold & Samurai Red #2)
(Megaforce/Super Megaforce Red & Megaforce/Super Megaforce Pink)
(Megaforce Black/Super Megaforce Green & Megaforce/Super Megaforce Yellow)
(Dino Charge Red & Dino Charge Pink)
(Dino Charge Gold & Dino Charge Violet #2/Mentor)

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