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Can you name the Michael Jackson thing that starts with each letter?

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A: Country of first performance of HIStory
B: Name of his chimpanzee
C: Favorite food
D: Second and last wife
E: The song with his poem at the beginning
F: Sang Beat It 2008 remix with
G: A blessing he says to people he loves
H: 'Get me out into the nighttime, four walls won't hold me tonight'
I: His first Jackson 5 solo
J: Youngest sibling
K: Directed his movie 'This Is It'
L: First wife
M: Name of his snake
N: Jackson ranch in Santa Barbara, California
O: Favorite drink
P: Names of his birth children
Q: Producer of Thriller
R: His brother who was a judge on 'American Idol'
S: His favorite pop song of his
T: Biggest selling album of all time
U: Item he carried in the rain and the sun
V: City in Switzerland where he performed 25th anniversary of 'Man in the Mirror'
W: Black or _____
Y: Song dedicated to his children
Z: Largest part of his property

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