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Lawrence and Alison's daughters name?Saw 1
Had his health insurance claim revoked?Saw 6
Journalist that coined the nickname 'Jigsaw'Saw: The Video Game
Man who burned down the 'nerve gas house'?Saw 5
Carousel room victims collectively known as?Saw 6
Got killed by Art Blank in the mausoleum trap?Saw 4
Name of the man in the 'drill trap'?Saw 1
What was Xavier's Surname?Saw 2
Reverse bear trap victim?Saw 0.5
Gang territory which led to Jigsaw?Saw 1
John says 'I love you' to who? (not Jill)Saw 3
Jigsaw's personal favourite trap?Saw 3
Xavier and Jonas did a spell at this correctional facility.Saw 2
Lawrence Gordon's job title?Saw 1
Dog's name that Hoffman comes across?Saw 5
John and Jill's unborn child's proposed name?Saw 3
Lieutenant being tested, full name?Saw 4
Former 'New Kid on the Block' plays which character?Saw 2
Daniel Mathews accused of what in Saw 2?Saw 2
Company that the material to make the 'venus fly trap' came from?Saw 2
Time limit to complete the 'needle pit' test?Saw 2
The only tool in the toolbox?Saw 2
Numbers on Jonas' neck?Saw 2
Drug Lynn asks for when John is having a seizure? Saw 3
First nude saw scene in which movie?Saw ?
The rotten pigs in the trap are symbolic of what?Saw 3
What type of illness was John diagnosed with?Saw 1
How many shotgun bullets are on Lynn's collar?Saw 3
How many chains does troy have connected to him?Saw 3
Lynn's test was really meant to be for who?Saw 3
Words spoken on the tape thats repeated during analysis?Saw 6
What acid was used to kill William Easton?Saw 6
What relation is Pamela Jenkins to William Easton?Saw 6
Victim whose father owns a sports team?Saw 5
First person to die in the bathroom?Saw 1
Second person to die in the bathroom?Saw 2
Only person left alive in Jigsaw's death room?Saw 3
Where did Strahm find his pen to escape the 'cube'?Saw 1
How many metal rods connect Rex and Morgan?Saw 4
Did John base his puppet on Art Blank's image?Saw 4
How old was Addison Corday?Saw 2
What is the name of Jeff and Lynn's neglected daughter?Saw 3
Where was the torch found in the 'nerve gas house'?Saw 2
How many knives were in Cecil's 'tool'?Saw 4
What colour is the handle of the knife Brenda uses?Saw 4
What is Lieutenant Rigg's wife's name?Saw 4
First item to be thrown in the mausoleum?Saw 4
Name of the widow of Detective Steven Sing?Saw: The Video Game
First person to die?Saw 1
Between which numbers was the peephole in Mark's test?Saw 2

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