Artemis Fowl Books 1-5

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Can you name the Artemis Fowl Books 1-5 Characters/Species?

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Fairy Species
Main Character
Named After a goddess 
Martial Arts Master 
LEPrecon Officer
Rank Captain 
Rank Captain 
Rank Corporal 
Kleptomaniac Dwarf
Steals from the Rich 
LEPrecon Commander
Commander in books 1-4 
LEP Technical Consultant
Book 2 Antagonist
Book 3 Antagonist
#9's Enemy
#22 Bodygaurd
Dumb and Retarded 
Dumb and Retarded 
Book 4 Antagonist
Book 4 Antagonist's Human Name
Servant For #23
#8 Imp
#8 Pride
Main Character's Father
Main Character's Mother
2nd Main Character's Sister

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