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What is Harry's mum called?
What make of shoes does Zayn always wear?
When is Niall's birthday?
Who is Zayn currently dating (2012)?
What is Liam's middle name?
What was the names of the band Harry was in before One Direction?
When is Louis birthday?
What is Zayn's star sign?
What is Harry's favourite film?
Louis likes girls who eat what?
What is Liam's favourite colour?
What is Zayn's favourite book?
Liam has a phobia of what?
What did Harry sing on his audition?
Who came up with the name One Direction?
What is Liam's twitter ID?
Which award did they win at the 2012 Brit Awards?
Who is Louis currently dating (2012)?
What is Niall's good luck mascot?
What are Zayn's sisters called?
What did Louis sing on his audition?
Who is Niall's ideal woman?
What superpower would Louis have?
Who is Zayn's favourite band?
What date was One Direction formed?

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