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Can you name the musicals that include their titles in lyrics?

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'Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme/______ ___ ___ _____'1994
'Giving the nation a new syncopation/The people called it _______'1998
'A chequered board to show it was his brother's fault/They thus invented _____'1988
'Those ____ _______, why can't we beat them?'1955
'Watch 'em drop/______ ____ __ _______/No, oh, oh, no-oh!'1982
'___'__ _ ____ ___ _______ _____/And we know you will go very far'1971
'I don't need a life that's normal/That's way to far away/But something ____ __ ______ would be okay'2009
'Or raising ______ _____ while I am here alone'2005
'I know what the sunlight can be/the light, ___ _____ __ ___ ______2005
'We settled in a corner of the __________ Valley/And started on a penny and a crumb'1975
'__ ___ _______I buy my coffee and I go/Set my sights on only what I need to know'2008
'_____ ______ _________/Do you think you're what they say you are?'1971
'How did they build _______/Near a thousand feet in length'1997
'Well _____ _____/It's so nice to have you back where you belong'1964
'Lots of _______/Life is _______/Love is _______'1970
'____, ____, all we ask of you/Is a lifetime of service, wisdom, courage'2000
'The hills are alive with ___ _____ __ _____'1959
'And there's a legal limit to the snow here in _______'1960
'Half and hour from the city/On a Sunday/On a ______ __ ___ ____ ____ ______'1984
'So ____ __, ____, darling devil devine'1948
'A glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking/But now God knows ________ ____'1934
'________, where the wind comes sweeping down the plane'1943
'Jellicle songs for Jellicle ____'1982
'No one mourns the ______'2003
'He's there ___ _______ __ ___ _____/Inside your mind'1988
'It means cancel all your parties/Forget your big ______'1998
'Tonight I will be ____ ______/Tonight you'll be Miss jumped upon'1991
'We love ___ _________ ____ /Raise your voice for the people's sport'2000*
'We're not gonna pay last year's ____'1996
'You let down your people, _____/You were supposed to have been immortal'1979
'Come begin in old Berlin/You're in the _____ _____'1989
'Long as God can grow it, my ____'1968

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