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State Dance
State Grass
Number of Counties
State Flower
Home of which Superhero?
Name of Residents
State Soil
Secretary of State
Bordering States
State Flag Animal
Only President born in Illinois
One of the Senators
Tallest Building
MLB Team (South Side of Largest City)
State Nickname
MLB Team (North Side of Largest City)
Largest County
Largest City
Major Rivers
Major Lakes
State Mammal
Bordering Body of Water
Geographic Center
Number Admitted to Union
State Amphibian
Largest Zoo
MLS Team
Number of Representatives
State Fossil
State Reptile
NBA Team
Meaning of Illinois
State Snack
State Insect
Largest Library
State Motto
NHL Team
State Fruit
State Mineral
State Bird
State Tree
Highest Point
Date Admitted to Union
State Fish
State Song
Major Industry
NFL Team

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