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PM64 Prologue boss
Easy boss with two easy partners 
PM64 Chapter 1 boss(es)
Overconfident and conceded 
PM64 Chapter 2 boss
Bad choice to use a chain chomp as a partner 
PM64 Chapter 3 boss
Doesn't know taking his heart out makes him invisible 
PM64 Chapter 4 boss
Again, overconfident 
PM64 Chapter 5 boss
Bendable boss 
PM64 Chapter 6 boss
Too many babies that love to hug 
PM64 Chapter 7 boss
Nice palace 
PM64 Chapter 8 boss
Way too jealous of Mario 
PMTTYD Prologue boss
PMTTYD Chapter 1 boss
PMTTYD Chapter 2 boss
Too many confident bosses 
PMTTYD Chapter 3 boss
Power lift! 
PMTTYD Chapter 4 boss
Freak in a sheet! 
PMTTYD Chapter 5 boss
Can't die cuz he's already dead 
PMTTYD Chapter 6 boss
Choo Choo! 
PMTTYD Chapter 7 boss
Sucks people up his butt and shoots you 
PMTTYD Chapter 8 boss
First invincible, then vulnerable 
SPM Chapter 1 boss
Gets hacked 
SPM Chapter 2 boss
SPM Chapter 3 boss
Way too nerdy 
SPM Chapter 4 boss
Looks like Luigi 
SPM Chapter 5 boss
Always hated flowers 
SPM Chapter 6 boss
Fight for the stone heart! 
SPM Chapter 7 boss
Cold in the Overthere isn't it? 
SPM Chapter 8 boss
Count Bleck wasn't the final! 

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