Roman Conquest of Britain

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Year of invasion of Britain by Claudius (write b.c. or a.d. after your date)
This man had made two expeditions to southern England, in 55 and 54 B.C.
Following the murder of Caligula in this year, Claudius's reign had got off to a shaky start, necessitating a military victory to shore up Claudius's prestige as emperor
This many legions came in Claudius's attack
first governor of Roman Britain who commanded Claudius's attack
The army put ashore here
Colchester was captured by the Romans; it was capital of the powerful _______ kingdom
In 47 the Romans suppressed a rebellion among this tribe
In this year the native leader of the tribe, Caratacus, was captured
This queen of the tribe led another revolt in southern Britain, in 60-61
allies of the Romans who controlled northern England for the Romans
In this year an anti-Roman faction gained a hold of the tribe, leading to direct military intervention by the Romans
This famous general began the conquest of Scotland in 79 a.d.
At this place in 83 a.d. was a great victory over the natives by Agricola's army
trouble on the Danube frontier forced this emperor to give up the attempt to conquer the whole island
At this isthmus Hadrian built his famous wall
Famous author who wrote an account of his father-in-law's life-------this father-in-law was the general who won many battles in northern Britain (just answer with 'last' name)

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