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Parents/Fact about the God or GoddessOlympian
Cronus and Rhea/Protector of Heroes the Golden Fleece Quest
Zeus alone/Chief of Virgin Goddesses and Protector of Handicrafts and Agriculture
Zeus and Leto/Archer-god, God of Healing, God of Music, God of Truth
Cronus and Rhea/Often Translated by Romans as 'Dis', Meaning Rich
Zeus and Leto/Sometimes Called Cynthia, Referring to Birthplace Mount Cynthus on Delos
Cronus and Rhea/His Will is Interpreted by Rustling of oak Leaves at Dodona, his oracle
Zeus and Maia/Magic Wand is the Caduceus
Cronus and Rhea/Married the Nereid Amphitrite and Wielder of the Trident
Zeus and Dione/Name means Foam in Greek, Her Bird is the Dove
Zeus and Hera/Thrown off Olympus Where He Fell All Day till he reached Lemnos, The Aegean isle
Cronus and Rhea/Goddess of the Hearth
Zeus and Hera/Comes from Thrace, Home of a 'Rude and Fierce People', and Animal is the Dog

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