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Can you name the the actual film based on the fictional film within it?

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Fictional FilmReal FilmYear of Real Film Release
Angels With Filthy Souls1990
Goodwill Hunting 2: Hunting Season2001
Habeas Corpus1992
Asses of Fire1999
Brock Landers: Angels Live in My Town1997
Chubby Rain1999
The Old Mill2000
A Fistful of Yen1977
The Orchid Thief2002
The Purple Rose Of Cairo1985
Fictional FilmReal FilmYear of Real Film Release
Home For Purim2006
Raving Beauty2001
Jack Slater IV1993
The Dueling Cavalier1952
Time Over Time2001
The Mutants of 2051 AD1983
I Am Pig2002
Codename Dragonfly2002
Tristram Shandy2006
Nation's Pride2009
American Scooby2001
Swallow My Cockachino2008
Somethin's Cookin'1988
Mother: Musical Based on the Life of Mother Teresa1994

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