Oxford Latin Vocab Chpt 49

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Noun Part
Saeculum Gender
aetas Gender
Oportet Transitive, or Intransitive
quasi Meaning
universi Declension
LicetPrincipal Parts
Exilium Meaning
quid Meaning
Provincia Gender
Iuvat Principal Parts
nefas Meaning
barbarus Declension
Saeculum Genetive Form
Accidit Transitive or Intransitive
consensus Gender
universi Meaning
Deleo Meaning
Placet Transitive, or Intransitive
Oportet Principal Parts
consensus Genetive Form
validus Meaning
Confirmo Principal Parts
Placet Meaning
ultra Meaning
validus Declension
Placet Principal Parts
Exilium Genetive Form
Resituo Meaning
Noun Part
Taedet Principal Parts
Restituo Principal Parts
aetas Meaning
Provincia Meaning
Provincia Genetive Form
Cedo Principal Parts
Taedet Meaning
Accidit Princiapl Parts
Confirmo Meaning
TaedetTransitive or Intransitive
quid? Meaning
LicetTransitive, or Intransitive
Accidit Meaning
barbarus Meaning
Iuvat Transitive, or Intransitive
Cedo Meaning
Deleo Principal Parts
aetas Genetive Form
gensGenetive Form
Iuvat Meaning
Exilium Gender
consensus Meaning
Saeculum Meaning
gens Meaning

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