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'This ain't nothing to relate to, this ain't nothing to relate to
Its been exactly 365 since I've seen your face, I've been living on the road and you've been living all alone at home'
'Adapted to these models, who's adapted to the bottle that take it down like water just to burn away their sorrows'
'Got a loft right now, are you excited, are you excited?
'How does it feel, do you feel like you did before, do you see the world getting small?'
'Where were you when I needed you eight months ago
'I left my girl back home, I don't love her no more'
'And my denial keeps me on the edge of the chance that you'll stay through the night'
'Getting sober for a day got me feeling too low
'Good girls go to heaven and bad girls go everywhere'
'I can provide, I can provide for you'
I'm not a fool, I just love that you're dead inside'
'And even if I changed, it would be too late, I exposed my voice'
'Got you drinkin out them white cups, sodas, all this sh** sound foreign to you'
'This ain't nothing, but its all I need'

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