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Can you name the Girls' Generation (SNSD) member according to her MrMr ''NOW'' teaser video? (kpop)

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Features this member and Hyoyeon singing, dancing, and rolling around in the snow.
Features this member, Seohyun and Yuri spray painting a wall. She writes ''MrMr coming soon ♡''. She and Jessica also left a message at the end.
Features this member driving, rapping and stopping for gas.
Features this member at a restaurant having fun and chatting with unseen friends.
Features this member, Tiffany and Yoona lounging in a living room. She is eating and also does a head bobbing and thumb dance.
Features this member sleeping while Sunny tries to put food in her mouth.
Features this member, Jessica and Yoona moving to the music of various songs in a car.
Features various closeup shots of this member at a nail salon.
Features this member sleeping in a chair while Sunny quickly picks her nose.

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