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Can you name the Pitcher to throw the last pitch of the World Series?

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YearPitcherWinning Team - Losing Team
2010San Francisco Giants - Texas Rangers
2009New York Yankees - Philadelphia Phillies
2008Philadelphia Phillies - Tampa Bay Rays
2007Boston Red Sox - Colorado Rockies
2006St. Louis Cardinals - Detroit Tigers
2005Chicago White Sox - Houston Astros
2004Boston Red Sox - St. Louis Cardinals
2003Florida Marlins - New York Yankees
2002Anaheim Angels - San Francisco Giants
2001Arizona Diamondbacks - New York Yankees
2000New York Yankees - New York Mets
1999New York Yankees - Atlanta Braves
1998New York Yankees - San Diego Padres
1997Florida Marlins - Cleveland Indians
1996New York Yankees - Atlanta Braves
1995Atlanta Braves - Cleveland Indians
1993Toronto Blue Jays - Philadelphia Phillies
1992Toronto Blue Jays - Atlanta Braves
1991Minnesota Twins - Atlanta Braves
1990Cincinnati Reds -Oakland Athletics
1989Oakland Athletics - San Francisco Giants
1988Los Angeles Dodgers - Oakland Athletics
1987Minnesota Twins - St. Louis Cardinals
1986New York Mets - Boston Red Sox
1985Kansas City Royals - St. Louis Cardinals
1984Detroit Tigers - San Diego Padres
1983Baltimore Orioles - Philadelphia Phillies
1982St. Louis Cardinals - Milwaukee Brewers
1981Los Angeles Dodgers - New York Yankees
1980Philadelphia Phillies - Kansas City Royals

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