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Ramin QuestionAnswerFun Fact-Hint
Where did he move when he was little with his family?Justin Bieber's home country
Birthday Month18th to be specific
Girl who played Christine with him in london
Where did he meet his wife Mandy Karimloo?She was his Boss
In music of the night which words does he talk instead of sing (4 words)Royal Albert Hall Version
Which side of his face does he wear his mask?
What is name of his 2012 Album?The main title on the album not Human Hearts
Where was he Born???Glad he came to share his talent
Finish the Lyrics from Coming Home- I can feel the wind....(8 words)so sweet
A role he played In Phantom Of The Opera in Las Vegas?The only time I would choose him
Ramin QuestionAnswerFun Fact-Hint
When playing the piano on stage with his song which two songs did he mix together?See What happens to bubba messes up the words
Making him the youngest Phantom ever what age did he play the Phantom?
A role he played in Phantom Of The opera at The Royal Albert HallBest one ever!
Finish the Lyrics from Music of the Night (At the royal albert hall version)-Softly Gently Music shall..(10 words)its not the caress you possess you version
During Andrew Lloyd Webbers Birthday at the Park What was his response when a guy said 'He has Make Up On So He Looks Better Than Me'It tis true!
In an interview with Ramin which song does he say he slipped in on stage'little Lying Pandora, Slip, Down, Up, you little demon!
Which show did he appear on as a Scientoligist?We are not a Cult
A role he played in the 2004 movie Phantom of the Opera starring Gerard butler?the picture Christine lights a candle for
Favorite Female Artist (Popular break up song writer)(_______ 21)
Girl who played Christine Daae with him at the Royal Albert Hallalso original christine in Love Never Dies

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