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Forced Order
Raging drunk; loses all his money to his enemy
Housekeeper that takes over after the previous one followed the mistress to Thrushcross Grange
Devoted husband with delicate features and constitution
Fair-haired girl that eventually escapes her husband and moves south
Tells the families' tale to the primary narrator
Man who favored the orphaned child over his own children
Primary narrator of the story; tenant at Thrushcross Grange
Hot-headed girl/woman who marries one man while loving another more
Rough boy who received bad influence all around; now learning to read from his cousin
Frail and delicate wife who dies in childbirth
Orphaned child brought to live at Wuthering Heights; later owns it
The doctor
Spoiled girl that marries one cousin and is set to marry another
Frail boy that marries his cousin
Grumpy old manservant

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