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HintRunning gag
Mr. Purutu's obsession
Kuzco's rival
The first syllabe of nearly everything in the village
Best transportation to the secret lab
Yzma's alter ego
A crucial opening moment, according to Kuzco
Malina's definition
What Kuzco is usually turned into
A fatal flaw in the access to the secret lab
Kuzco often halts the show for some _____.
Guaca's worship quote
A valued second language (Kuzco had trouble mastering it)
Kuzco's way to explain what happens next
Kronk's mascot
Kronk's obsession
Yzma and Kronk's usual backup plan
Kronk's favorite superhero
Inconvenient food chain example
HintRunning gag
Classical egocentric phrase said by Kuzco
Object used to interfere in footage
Bragging words constantly proclaimed by Yzma
Kronk and Yzma's indispensable move after every roller coaster ride
Kronk's boy scout troop
Chaca and Tipo's common argument
Instruction #1 to access the secret lab
Taboo animal
Popular sport
Music popstar
Yzma's nickname
Kronk's reaction to confusion
Death glare
Kronk's so-called advisers
The village's most popular meeting point
Kuzco's problem when listening to what someone else's saying
Malina's common phrase to solve misunderstandings

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