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DefinitionKey Word
Being attracted to people of the opposite gender to yourself
A legal relationship between two people of the same sex, which gives the partners equal treatment with married couples in a wide range of areas
Changing the basic structure of human life by medical means
The importance of one partner in relation to the other
A number of different family relations, such as parents, children, grandparents, and other relations, living together as a unit or close to each other
Being attracted to people of the same gender as yourself
Children from different marriages becoming one family after their divorced parents marry each other
A married person having sexual relations with someone other than their marriage partner
(The principle of) treating children fairly
The part a person plays (in the particular relationship or in the family)
DefinitionKey Word
Staying only with the partner and having sexual relations only with that partner
A man and a woman who have been legally joined together
Mother, father and children living as a unit
Living together without being married
Marrying again after being divorced from a previous marriage
Having sexual relations with a number of partners without any commitment
Having sexual relations before marriage
Remaining unmarried and having no sexual relationships
The legal ending of a marriage
A means of preventing a woman from becoming pregnant

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