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DefinitionKey Word
Belief in one God
(The belief that) life is holy and belongs to God
Not being sure whether God exists
An easy and gentle death, usually associated with release from incurable disease
(The belief that) God knows everything (past, present and future)
(The belief that) as everything has a cause, there must be a first cause of the world and that is God
(The belief that) God is the designer of the world/universe, because it appears to have been designed
(The belief that) God has goodwill towards all beings
The actions of human beings which cause suffering
Being released from the limitations of human existence and sin to eternal life with God
The removal of a foetus from the womb before it can survive
DefinitionKey Word
Natural features of the world which cause suffering, and which have nothing to do with human beings
An experience (or experiences) which changes a person’s whole outlook on life (and religious belief)
Belief in more than one God
(The belief that) the existence of the world/universe requires an explanation, and the explanation is that God created it
(The belief that) God is all-powerful
The system of causes and effects within the universe (which suggests a first cause that started the process)
When things within the universe appear to be connected in a way which suggests purpose and a designer
Being brought up to follow the teachings and practices of a religion
(The belief that) God does not exist
Being set free from the cycle of rebirth

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